Bhatia Family Village
Groundbreaking Highlights

April 21, 2023
Join us as we take you back to the groundbreaking ceremony of The Bhatia Family Village, where over two hundred people, including community members, future residents, and elected officials, gathered in the heart of Los Angeles’ Pico-Robertson neighborhood to celebrate the birth of something extraordinary. Situated at the corner of Pico and Glenville, The Bhatia Family Village, powered by Cornerstone Housing for Adults with Disabilities, is a neurodiverse residential complex that will foster a true sense of community, support, and inclusion. This visionary project will revolutionize community living, allowing independence and growth to thrive. In this highlight video, witness the excitement and anticipation with speeches from elected officials and community members as well as touching moments that made this day truly special. The Bhatia Family Village represents a sanctuary where individuals with disabilities will find the love, care, and resources they need to flourish. It’s more than just a residential complex; it’s a transformative space where dreams become reality, barriers are shattered, and the entire community experiences collective growth and prosperity. Subscribe to our channel for updates as we continue to build The Bhatia Family Village, creating a future where inclusion knows no limits and every voice is heard. Welcome to the beginning of something remarkable! Speakers:
  • Sam Yebri, Chair of ETTA
  • Eric Schwartz, Cornerstone Board Member and Parent Advocate
  • Adam Breall, Member of the Neurodiverse Community and Advocate
  • Assemblymember Isaac Bryan (D – Los Angeles)
  • Bob Hertzberg, Former Speaker of the CA State Assembly (D)
  • Senator Ben Allen (D – Santa Monica)
  • Anita Bhatia, CEO and Executive Director of the Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation
  • Kam Babaoff, Chair of Cornerstone Housing for Adults with Disabilities

Video by Tal Yaari (YZ Content)