Donor Spotlight

Get to know one of our generous supporters

Terry & Holly Magady

Please provide a brief background of who you are, how long you have been in LA, and how you came to know about Cornerstone Housing.
Terry and Holly Magady have lived in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood since they were married over thirty-five years ago.   Terry is widely regarded as the state’s preeminent expert in elder law, and Holly teaches at the Jewish Woman’s Initiative and is a renowned Shabbat host.   Together, Terry and Holly were founding members of Aish Hatorah in Los Angeles and are active members of The Community Shul.  They have two sons and one daughter, Danielle, who has Down syndrome.   Danielle and her husband of eight years, Shlomo, who also has Down syndrome, hope to live in The Village.

What motivated you to make a major gift to The Village?
Terry and Holly have always been leaders in Jewish philanthropy and for community causes.   They believe that it is a privilege to be major donors to Cornerstone, taking part in the creation of a new model that will transform lives. 

What value do you think this project will bring to both the residents of The Village and the surrounding Beverlywood community?
“Cornerstone’s name says it all,” relates Terry.  “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone” (Psalm 118).   “People with special needs are often relegated to the fringes of the community,” he says.  “Yet the reality is that when genuine relationships are formed between those individuals and others without special needs, the result is magical, and that connection becomes a true cornerstone, invigorating everyone with remarkable meaning and purpose.”   Terry and Holly expect The Village will imbue the neighborhood with that magic.

How do you envision The Village being part of your life once the building is complete?
Terry and Holly anticipate that the entire extended Magady family, as well as all their friends, will become integrated into The Village.  “We hope,” says Holly, “everyone will be involved in the many exciting programs and activities at The Village.”

What would you say to a friend who was interested in becoming a stakeholder or supporter of The Village?
“People may not yet realize this,” says Terry, “but The Village will be breaking completely new ground as both a fully integrated housing project and a vibrant community hub.”   “Nothing like this has ever been done before, and it is widely anticipated that The Village’s success will serve as a prototype for other cities.”    Supporting The Village now, Terry and Holly both firmly believe, is a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of a visionary plan that will powerfully affect people’s lives, not just in Los Angeles, but also in neighborhoods throughout the world.